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November Wine Club


Villa Brica

We are loving this Ribolla Gialla from Slovenia. Slovenian white wines are often celebrated for their aromatic richness. Expect to encounter enticing floral notes, citrus, green apple, cedar, and sometimes hints of exotic fruits, depending on the grape variety.

Ribolla Giallo, an indigenous grape variety to the region, finds a perfect home in the hands of Villa Brica's winemaker. The vineyards' specific microclimate and the winemaker's expertise come together to produce a wine that not only reflects the grape's personality but also the dedication to creating a memorable and authentic expression of Slovenian winemaking.

Food pairing: Pairs well with salads, fish, pasta in light sauce and vegetable risotto.

Neleman Chardonnay/Muscat

Neleman wines are Spanish organic wines of the D.O. Valencia with a Dutch heart. With special attention for local authentic grapes, reflecting the soil and region. Each wine has its own personality and you can taste the passion and love its been made with. We allow nature to do its work.

The white varieties are being harvested early on in the season to preserve a good acidity and at night to protect them from oxidation. The grapes have been processed separately after an exhaustive selection by hand to select only the best grapes. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature between 57-59°F.

The Chardonnay has been picked up at an advanced point of maturation and the Muscat in an early state in order to give a subtle touch of flowers, white fruits and peach in the nose and a wide mouth. The wine has a pale color with golden reflections. Middle-high aromatic intensity, fresh and exiting mouth with a long fruity finish. Very well balanced.

Food Pairing: Drink this wine with quinoa salad, asparagus or lemon seasoned dishes.

Lurbira Garnacha

This is a ruby-colored natural wine that is dark berry fruit-forward and brightly acidic. There are medium tannins and notes of vanilla.

This wine is a collaborative effort between wine importer Rooted Selections and Bodegas Beramendi, a family-owned, sustainably-farmed winery in the Navarra region of Northern Spain. (It’s also one of the only wineries in Spain run completely by women.) They named the project Lurbira after the “Earth Goddess” in the ancient religion of native Basque people; and to symbolize the commitment both parties feel to the land.

Food Pairing: Go traditional and pair with Spanish tapas classics. Jamón ibérico, chorizo, manchego, and patatas bravas are excellent choices to bring out the wine's rich and spicy notes.


Trefethan Merlot is a true gem in the world of wines, a testament to the artistry and dedication of the Trefethan family. We are going a little traditional on this wine club pick, but sometimes there is a wine that can tell us how Napa became what it is today.

The palate is greeted with lush dark fruit flavors, such as black cherry and plum, that are back by notes of velvety chocolate and subtle hints of vanilla. The wine's velvety texture and well-integrated tannins contribute to a smooth, lingering finish that leaves a lasting impression.

The Trefethan family, pioneers in Napa Valley winemaking, bring decades of expertise to the art of crafting exceptional wines. Founded in 1968, Trefethan Vineyards has become synonymous with quality and passion. The winemakers at Trefethan employ a combination of traditional techniques and modern innovation, ensuring that each bottle reflects the unique terroir of the region while embracing the possibilities of contemporary winemaking.

Food Pairing: Let’s lean into classic American pairings and fire up the grill one more time this season. Med-rare NY Strip, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. Steakhouse classics.

Domaine Chidaine Pétillant

Francois and Manuéla are a husband and wife operation based in both Montlouis and Vouvray located in the central Loire Valley. In a region that produced bulk wine for years, particularly after WWII, the Chidaine duo brought an emphasis to wines of quality and regenerative farming; they also look to natural winemaking. One of their largest goals is to look to the future, “an effort to save the world.” Chidaine’s household wines are varying styles of Chenin Blanc from dry to off-dry to sparkling. Their inspired lineup includes classic reds and whites from the Loire made into vibrant, juicy styles ranging in price points. Their momentum only continues as they seek to better the world around them.

This is a sparkling wine made entirely from Chenin Blanc and made in the ancient style known as a petillant naturel. The wine ferments in demi muids and ages for three years before release. The vines range in age from 20-50 years old.

Rice Terra Skin Contact Field Blend 2022

Kentucky was only allocated one case of this wine and The Breeze was lucky enough to snag it and pass it on to you. We also rarely get wines from this part of the world so enjoy this wine in the complete opposite direction of the first pick this month.

Rica Terra's Skin Contact Field Blend 2022 is like a flavor-packed dance party in a bottle!

Imagine taking a sip and getting hit with a burst of sunshine—bright citrus notes like tangerine and Meyer lemon stealing the show. But it doesn't stop there. This field blend is a wild ride of flavors, with juicy peaches, a hint of floral vibes, and a touch of that funky earthiness.

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