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March Wine Club


Bora Tier

Petraio Puglia Primitivo
Fresh, fruity and fragrant with notes of red berries and spice. Round and supple with ripe tannins and balanced acidity. Mature grapes are harvested by hand from vineyards aging 15-18 years with southern exposure.

Von der Leyen Riesling
Like a honeysuckle and guava essential oil infuser. White peaches and nectarines playing mixed doubles against apples and limes. The Von der Leyen winery is part of the famous Moselland growers’ cooperative — which has historically allowed growers to make unmistakable, high quality wines for lower prices. And within this famous growing area lies the Nahe region which boasts some of the most diverse soil in all of Germany, and thus produces a wide array of tantalizing wines in a range of styles. The final blend for this bottle was assembled by Moselland’s head winemaker and stored in a tank until bottling, so only the freshest wine gets shipped to the market. This Riesling here is one such wine that's dry in style but flecked by plump tropical flavors and minerally fruits.

Vigneti del sole Montepulciano
This juicy red displays notes of cherry, strawberry and sweet spice. Bright, mouthwatering acidity makes it especially food friendly and it will make the perfect dinner companion at your next pizza night.

Le Mistral Tier

Avignonesi Da-Di Sangiovese

Avignonesi goes “Terracotta" on a new Organic Rosso At Avignonesi, striving for excellence goes hand in hand with experimenting with 100% Tuscan wine-making processes. The intention is to allow the habitat to prevail over foreign influences. For this particular wine, Avignonesi has put aside steel and oak in favor of Tuscan clay. Chinese for “earth, soil”, the name Da-Di was chosen to underline this particularity.

2018 Chateau Lassegue St Emilion Grand Cru

The Lassègue 2018 shows a deep and intense color with silky round red and black fruit, while the finish is black fruit forward with finely integrated tannins.

The Lassègue 2018 is among the great vintages that are characterized by their freshness, complexity and power, a reflection of the estate’s clay and limestone soils on the slopes. This is a vintage with an excellent potential for aging.

Blend: 62% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon

La Patience Coteaux du Pont Gard Merlot

Garnet red with purples edges, this wine is a show stopper with plum, fig, and white pepper on the nose. One of the first wineries iconic importer Jenny Lefcourt (from Jenny + Francois) started to work with in 2000. 100 percent Merlot that’s estate grown + a beautiful representation of the Merlot varietal.


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Bora Tier

Mary Taylor Veneto Frizzante Sofia Brescia Bianco

Mary Taylor is a negociant focused on partnering with grower-producers who practice farming and wine making in respectful, authentic, and artful ways. By partnering with these small independent wineries and co-operatives who practice sustainable standards regulated by the EU, Mary Taylor Wines is able to finance the certifications to designate these wines as organic and biodynamic.

In eastern Vincenza Provence of the Veneto region, on a small plot of land at the base of the Alps, a small independent winery farms the Glera (Prosecco) and Garganega (Soave) grapes. Using biodynamic and organixc practices, the winery uses the local eco-system to promote the best growth cycle of the grapes.

This wine is named Sofia Brescia 'to honor the previous generation of wine growers, many of whom were women that have been forgotten by historical naming conventions'.

The Glera grape brings bright acidity and tropical fruits and honeydew melon, while the Garganega grape delivers a more round texture and orange fruits like tangerine and peach.

Frizzante means lightly sparkling, so you won't find big bubbles like prosecco in this, but they are prominent enough to celebrate with the women in your life who either do love bubbles or who is just beginning to get into them. This is the perfect wine to toast to and with all the wonderful women in your life, celebrating International Women's Month!

Stacked Snack: Firehook Sea Salt Crackers, Ati Manel Tuna Filets, Abbia Nova Olive Oil, & Azienda A Agricola Caravaglio Capers

Herman Moser Gruner Veltliner "Per Due", Kremstal, Austria

Weingut Hermann Moser is run by Martin and his wife Carmen Moser, the 26th generation of the family producing wine from the family vineyards. The estate is nearly 400 years old and is located in the village of Rohrendorf in the Kremstal wine-growing region in Lower Austria.

The Gebling vineyard at Weingut Hermann Moser bears such qualification and it is said to be one of the most unique types of loess soil in Europe. The name Gebling originates from ‘Gelb-ling’ (yellowish) and refers to the unique ochre color of the soil from this vineyard. The Gebling terraces, located right behind the cellar, are said to produce exceptionally spicy Grüner Veltliners which truly shows in this yummy Gruner. Martin works in close collaboration with his land and uses no chemical treatments in the vineyard or cellar.

The "Per Due" is well balanced with lovely nectarine, waxy pear, spicy white pepper, and rhubarb. Pair this with a fresh salmon salad dinner when one of these hot days blows through.

Fishwife Smoked Salmon

Fresh veggie-heavy salad soft boiled local days-old fresh Valley City Farm chicken or duck eggs

Chateau Terrier des Cailloux Merlot 2020, Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux

The Bourceau family has been operating this vineyard for just shy of 200 years, They are hyper conscientious about maintaining the quality and authenticity of the grapes and wines. They are certified organic as of 2018, do not add any sulfur, and vet the indigenous yeasts to maintain consistency.

This is a beautiful ruby red color and on the palate full of wild strawberries, blackberries, and black currant. Silky, bright, and lush, this is everything you'd want in a Bordeaux Merlot heavy blend.

Drink this wine by itself or with food, pairing with roasted ribeye with your significant other.

Make your own garlic Red Wine Cream Sauce using Chateau Terrier and Laiterie Verneuil Touraine double cream butter

Le Mistral Tier

La Grange aux Belles 'Coup de Latte' Chenin Blanc

La Grange aux Belles is a group of winemakers interested in making light, wines with short macerations, organically, with minimal intervention... everything we want in natural Loire wine.

They doubled down on their organic conversion and started following the methodology of the French geologist Yves Herody, which changed everything. Today they are still following these principles to incredible effect. They totally eschew all herbicides and pesticides in the vineyards, and vinify without any additives (with very few exceptions given many difficult vintages).

These guys are really serious about sorting – in the vines and after harvest. When there is time, they will pass through plots maybe 5 times, and then sort further on the table. This is essential for them to not add anything during fermentation (or after).

Coup de Latte undergoes spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts in oak barrels, and the macerations are kept very short. Everything you want from a pet nat, like a kick to the face (as the label suggests), this is so fresh and bright with lean tropical notes and the area's tell-tale minerality. Better than many pet-nats that cost a lot. Fresh, clean, dry and way too much fun.

Drink this during your Front-Porch-Friday hangs to start the weekend right.

Classic Sun-Popped Bjorn Corn

Sal de Ibiza Potato Chips with Sea Salt

Masseria La Cattiva "Running A Business In Association With Nature Can Never be 100% Correctly Predicted" Primitivo, Puglia, Italy

"Running a business in association with nature can never be 100% correctly predicted" was the response to the Covid 19 pandemic. "You can make all the calculations and projects you want, but nature will always arrive in this world with its timing and needs. You will only be able to support it and follow its developments, admiring its unpredictable balances".

As such is Masseria La Cattiva's whole philosophy. They work everything by hand in the vineyard from management to harvest and rely on indigenous yeast with spontaneus fermentation. They focus on minimal intervention in the vineyard and zero sulfur in the cellar.

The freshly harvested Primitivo grapes are transferred to a tank for 15 day whole bunch carbonic maceration which lends to a more fresh fruit character than the traditional stewed or baked fruits.

Drink this one while you're shooting the shit with your friends in the backyard playing bocce ball and corn hole.

Lotsa Pasta Grilled Veggie Pizza

Helenic Farms Fig Salami and Kerrygold White Cheddar

Ruth Lewandowski L Stone Sangiovese, Sonoma, California

Fox Hill is the Italian oasis it is today because of long-time owner, Lowell Stone. In the 1980s, Lowell ripped up Chardonnay and Riesling vines to plant suitcase vine cuttings brought back from Italy. His vision defied conventions of the time to plant varieties he passionately loved.

The vineyard is organically farmed and uses cover crop as an important tool in their farming practices. Cover crop helps the farmers in many ways from enriching soil health with necessary nutrients, boosting water retention, weed control, and support overall vine growth. In Spring, sheep graze among the vines, managing the crop cover and fertilizing the soil.

Heavy on the leather, bookshelf, dried cherry, licorice spice, and baked earth, this dense yet bright Sangiovese is a fantastic New World rendition.

Drink this while serving up some hearty pasta on your back porch as this winter weather warms to spring while hosting your neighbors or friends. Make sure to have torches or a firepit going to further set the vibes.

Charcuterie board that includes Divina Roasted Tomatoes & Tempesta Black Pepper Sopressata

Pasta with homemade marinara using canned Italianavera San Marzano tomatoes

March's wine club artist is Sazi @sazi.k.t

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