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Fraga do Coryo Godello

Galacia, Spain

100% Godello 

Fraga do Corvo is the name given locally to the landscape, an area of Monterrei near one of the vineyards. In September, Corvos (crows) sit on the electric power lines near the vineyards and perform a “natural” grape selection. The crows help by eating some of the fruit creating lower yields and thus provide a very important and helpful task for the winery.  The winery decided to name the wine Fraga do Corvo as a tribute to the crows for their grape selection, as well as the name for the landscape nearby. 

Fraga do Corvo is a white wine from the D.O. Monterrei produced by Grandes Pagos Gallegos. This wine is made exclusively with the Godello grape variety.

The grapes used to produce this wine come from vineyards owned by the winery, which are over 20 years old and grow on slopes of granite soils.

At the winery, the winemaking process begins with the clusters being placed in cold storage at controlled temperatures. The clusters then pass through a selection table, where only those in the best conditions are selected, where they are de-stemmed and macerated before passing through a pneumatic press. The musts are then separated and static racked, followed by fermentation at a controlled temperature. After the various phases of the winemaking process have been carried out, Fraga do Corvo is aged for 7 months on its lees. Finally, before being bottled, the wine is stabilized in stainless steel tanks to reach sufficient maturity.

Fraga do Corvo Godello 2022 is an enchanting white wine, brimming with youthful exuberance and invigorating freshness. On the nose, it unfurls a tapestry of intense aromas featuring crisp green apple and succulent stone fruits interwoven with hints of freshly baked brioche and buttery bread. Quince, fennel, and the essence of freshly mown grass add layers of complexity to its aromatic profile. On the palate, it is rich and creamy, yet retains a zesty acidity that evokes tart apples and pears. Floral nuances and forest herb undertones accompany its prolonged and emphatic finish.

Keltis Mario Natur

Bizeljsko, Slovenia 

Chardonnay & Rumeni Plavec

Keltis wines attest to the artisan’s approach in the vineyard and the cellar, they express their terroir, and contain minimum quantities of sulfites. A big share of their wines is unfiltered and that is why our wines carry inside them life and the potential for further development. Marl, which is the main rock of the terroir, provides the wine with minerality, especially felt in the macerated wines.

As dictated by their philosophy, the work with wines is done at the time of the full moon, when the wine is at its peak and can fully express its potential. Since we only follow its development and do not monitor it artificially, the wine arrives on the market when it is ready and thus every vintage shows its character in its moment.

Vineyards of the Keltis wine cellar encompass 5 hectares of land and stretch over the south and south-western positions as well as the northern slopes of the Bizeljsko area. Western winds blowing from neighboring Orlica take care of the ventilation and are our natural ally in the fight against diseases. Soil composition includes marl, sandstone with quartz binder, clay, Lithuanian limestone, and limestone with the application of chert.

The bubbles are tiny and active. The pronounced medium bouquet of flowers, yellow fruit, peeled apples, and somewhat of yeast. Very dry sparkling wine and the taste of peeled apples predominate in the mouth, followed by a long aftertaste.

Stolpman Vineyards 

Ballard Canyon, California


Dedicated to sensible farming & winemaking, we believe that we can create vibrant, site-specific wines, with a focus unique to Ballard Canyon AVA, California.
Over 20 years ago, our Founding Partner, Tom Stolpman, discovered what we believe to be one of the greatest viticultural sites on earth. Hidden in the hills of California’s Central Coast, on a rare Limestone outcropping & unobstructed from the Pacific Ocean wind, this unique land is naturally suited to grow Syrah and Roussanne grapes. We are committed to preserving this natural environment for our vines through conscious farming, dry farming, & sustainable employment. In the winery, we prefer native fermentation & minimal manipulation. 

The Stolpman 2021 Estate Syrah showcases the prestige of this estate vineyard in spades. Aged entirely in neutral barrel, this is a clear look into why a more hands-off approach with Syrah can still produce wines of intensity, color, and individuality. It's both jammy and balanced, spicy and approachable, and finally, just delicious.

Herb garden aromas straight out of a Provence fairy tale twirl around the nose bordered by fruit trees and lavender.  The palate hits on juicy black cherries atop those hallmark savory Syrah notes we (Syrah fanatics) all seek out: juicy, spit-roasted meats.  A true feasting wine.  All of this, the yummy cherries, and the salty, herbal, mineral complexity - all - get wrapped in the fleshy dumpling of richness that harkens back to the aged Hilltops bottlings from the last decade.


Valie Unite Rooso

Costa Vescovato, Italy 

Barbera, Dolcetto, Croatina

Importer Portofino with organic growers/vignerons in different Italian regions to produce "Italy’s natural and characterful daily drinkers from farmers and producers who are our long-time friends and colleagues".  Here they partner with Alessandro Poretti of Valli Unite, one of Italy’s only natural wine cooperatives (and the only one in fancy-pants Piemonte).  Here, at a real working farm that looks like a hippie commune, growers live on property tending vineyards that lie amid beehives, farm animals, orchards, and truffle-filled woodlands. Producing everything from honey to homemade salumi, grains, and wine, 30 members live and work on the 100-hectare farm.

They make a range of wines, all-natural (also unusual for a co-op), like this unfiltered Bianchino with the local Cortese varietal (which would be called Gavi if it came from the town next door). “We believe natural vinification is a social responsibility” is the manifesto; soil humus, livestock manure, native yeasts, local grapes, time, and very judicious sulfur use are the rustic tools. Valli Unite Rosso is the farm's everyday red wine, made from a blend of the Piemontesi workhouse varieties Barbera, Dolcetto, and Croatina, plus a dash of the white Cortese grape for added freshness. It's a perfect everyday table wine with bright, lip-smacking acidity, low tannin, and insane drinkability. We'll be drinking this light, juicy sour cherry glou all spring! SERVE SLIGHTLY CHILLED

Julien Braud 

Loire Valley, France

Folle Blanche

Julien Braud is an exciting young winemaker, one of the few next-generation winemakers in Sevre et Maine, who has taken over part of his family's estate with the mission of pushing the limits of Muscadet and its identity grape, Melon de Bourgogne. The area in general has seen a decline in producers and vineyards in recent years, but Julien Braud is on a mission to bring emphasis and notoriety back to this area, and so far is undeterred! Not only is he farming sustainably and recently certified organic, he brings a quality-minded approach and a sense of whimsy to an otherwise neglected area. Also known by its other name “Gros Plant” at home in the Loire Valley, Folle Blanche is a tangy white full of salinity and liveliness. If you already love other Loire whites, get ready to enjoy this zesty white!

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